Scalable Video Surveillance Solutions

IP-based and Analog Video Solutions 

More than just for video, LABUSA Integrated Surveillance Solutions (ISS) is a about deploying surveillance platforms for the monitoring, recording and control of electronic devices. LABUSA ISS offers capabilities that include monitoring and recording of audio, video, transactions from Point of sales (POS) systems, ATMs, and many other electronic devices. LABUSA ISS provides tools for the integrating and managing electronic devices and video surveillance products.

How You Benefit

Our surveillance solutions are scalable and more reliable than off-the-shelf systems. We can support the needs of a small retail business to a large enterprise with multiple locations.
We offer specialize surveillance solutions for industries solutions for industries such as finance and banking, oil & gas, and hospitality.

Our solution allows clients to deter crime, comply with regulatory requirements, increase employee performance, and maintain a safe and secure environment.

How We Achieve It

LABUSA system architects and security experts will work with you on the following next steps:

  • Identify and assess the surveillance needs.
  • Develop an architecture to support the organization’s environment.
  • Install the cabling, cameras, and systems best suited to support the solution.
  • Validate the solutions with the client.
  • Provide ongoing training and support.